August 1, 1997: Warning: We have been given notice that climbing is forbidden at the Green Pond area. See Access Update.
August 11, 1997: The New Jersey Crags web site has been slightly reorganized. Area specific information can now be accessed via the listing of the New Jersey Crags.
August 16, 1997: We are soliciting information for the second edition (i.e. year 2000 commemorative edition). Information contributions are welcome. Has anyone done any of the routes with question marks next to them. If so, tell us your opinon.
October 18, 1997: Unless action is taken, the Pine Paddies will be turned into a quarry, thereby destroying a beautiful wilderness area. See Access Update for the latest.
February 18, 1998: For the year 1997, $600 of New Jersey Crags royalties has been donated to the Access Fund. A reserve of $400 is being kept to fund costs associated with the second edition due out in several years.
August 26, 1998: Jeff Holt (JEFFLAW@MSN.COM) is now the Access Fund regional coordinator for NJ. See 'Access Update' for Mills Reservation.
 October 26, 1998: Check out the new problems at Tourne County Park.
April 19, 1999: We are working on a major new update to New Jersey Crags that will fit into Falcon Press's series of state-wide guidebooks. It will essentially be a new book rather than a revision. The new book will thouroughly cover the Delaware Water Gap where many new routes have been established with solid representation in the 5.11 and 5.12 grades. New climbing areas in Delaware State will be covered, as well as the Harlem boulder and other boulders in Central Park. The book should be available before the Spring of 2000.