Mt Rose Natural Area

(Cradle Rock)

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PAGE LAST MODIFIED: October 25, 1997.

DISCLAIMER: The information below has been contributed by other climbers and may be completely incorrect.

GUIDEBOOK CORRECTIONS: The photo of John Anderson should be credited to Vicki Schwartz. (We don't know how it was omitted, but we ask Vicki for her forgiveness). Furthermore, John Anderson is actually on the Warmup Slab, not the Cradle Rock Boulder.


Overlooked Problems: Turn The Cradle (V0+) Start by laying down beneath a very low overhang on the teetering cradle rock itself. Turn the lip. (See p.236 of Stone Crusade). Source: Matt Bingham.
Grade Adjustments: Chainstitch is more like V6 although consensus awaits. Fusion Boots is way overgraded and should be V3.
New Sends: Marc Russo, an author of the forthcoming guide to bouldering at the Gunks, visited Cradle Rock and established several new problems there (before he moved to Salt Lake City). He sent the center project on Shipwreck Rock and named it "Laser II" (V6) after his favorate boat: start on a huge flake and climb up and over the center. He also put up a sit-down start problem near Ground Control and named it Microbe (V5): crawl into the cave, start on a sloping jug, then climb up and out to the awkward top out while avoiding obstacles.

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