Access Update

Last Modification Date: Aug 26, 1998.

The latest information on access to New Jersey climbing areas is posted here:

Did you know that permits are not needed to climb on state fish and game lands?

 Green Pond DO NOT CLIMB AT GREEN POND! The Newark Watershed Conservation and Development Corporation prohibits rock climbing on Watershed lands by policy. Therefore, the Green Pond area will not appear in the next edition of New Jersey Crags. In any case, the climbing there certainly isn't worth the trouble it would cause.
 NJ State Parks Proposed updated regulations specifically allow rock climbing within NJ State Parks. Unfortunately these changes have not moved forward due to cancellation of meetings (allegedly because of budget cuts). At the present time, a permit is needed to legally climb in state parks such as Allamuchy.
 Watchung Despite persistent efforts by Jeff Lucas and Lyle Lange, opening this area does not look promising at the present time. The main reason is that ignorant lawyers became involved and raised the spectre of liability. Sigh...
 Pine Paddies The Pine Paddies is actually on private property owned by Saddle Mountain Limited. Unfortunately, the company has just received permission to bulldoze the area and turn it into a quarry. Already, the nearby woods have been logged and fenced off with no tresspassing signs. The NY-NJ Trails Conference has already lost several trails in one of the most beautiful wooded areas in New Jersey and is trying to rally support for saving the area. If you have not climbed there yet, please do so (so that you will at least know what will be lost). We are trying to get more information about action the climbing community can take.
 Mills Reservation

This from Jeff Holt of the Access Fund:

Paul & Neil, you might want to post on the web site that there was some access problems at Mills Reservation this past spring. I received an e-mail from a guy who was told to not climb by a local, Upper Montclair cop. I was able to confirm with the Essex County Park Supervisor that climbing is an accepted activity. She advised that for "legal" (read - political) reasons she can't give written permission to climb. She agreed to advise verbally to the Park cops that climbing was OK. She further indicated that if anyone gets hasseled by local cops to have them advise me and I'll in turn contact the Parks Super. to work out something. If any climbers are asked to leave, they should comply with cops immediatly and without argument. I can be contacted viae-mail at : JEFFLAW@MSN.COM

Jeff Holt - N.J. Access Fund Regional Coordinator