Norvin Green State Forest

(Pine Paddies)

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PAGE LAST MODIFIED: October 13, 1997.

DISCLAIMER: The information below has been contributed by other climbers and may be completely incorrect.

ACCESS PROBLEM: This area will soon be bulldozed and turned into a quarry unless action is taken. See the Access Update area for more information.

NEW ROUTES & CORRECTIONS: Thanks to Aaron Lennox (from the New Jersey Rock Gym in Wayne) for providing the following info:

Page 72: #10 "OOBLIK". Aaron reports that the pins are missing, but he was able to place good gear when leading it. The grade is 11b not 11d.
Page 73: #11 "Project". Top-roped by Aaron Lennox, Summer 1997. Grade is 12c.
Page 75: There is an excellent top-rope route above where routes (22) and (23) start on the diagram at the foot of page 75. Go straight up the depression, then exit right following the path of least resistance (10b). (Aaron Lennox)
If anyone can give us definate grades on the routes with question marks, please let us know.

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