Self-Dual Codes and Invariant Theory

Gabriele Nebe, Eric M. Rains and Neil J. A. Sloane

This is the web site for our book, Self-Dual Codes and Invariant Theory, which was published by Springer, Berlin, in Feb 2006.

It is Volume 17 of the series Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics; ISBN 3-540-30729-X, xxiii+430 pp.

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Brief description of book:

One of the most remarkable theorems in coding theory is Gleason's 1970 theorem about the weight enumerators of self-dual codes. In the past 35 years there have been hundreds of papers written about generalizations and applications of this theorem to different types of codes. This book develops a new theory which includes all the earlier generalizations at once. It is also in part an encyclopedia that gives a very extensive list of the different types of self-dual codes and their properties, including tables of the best codes as far as they are presently known. Besides self-dual codes, the book also discusses two closely-related subjects, lattices and modular forms, and quantum error-correcting codes.

The book will be of interest to people working in the areas of

- error-correcting codes
- lattices, quadratic forms and modular forms
- group theory, invariant theory, number theory
- quantum computers

That is,

- electrical engineers
- mathematicians
- computer scientists
- physicists

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