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(May 2012) After 43 years I have now retired from AT&T. My new coordinates are:

Neil J. A. Sloane, Chairman, OEIS Foundation
Also Visiting Scientist, Math. Dept., Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ.
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Research interests: Mathematics, especially combinatorics, number theory, geometry, algebra;
communications, especially coding theory and quantization;
statistics, especially orthogonal arrays and the design of experiments.

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February 2 2023: OEIS Foundation Seeks to Raise $3M Endowment to Fund Full-Time Managing Editor.   See Announcement.

June 27 2021, Russ Cox is new President of OEIS Foundation, I am Chairman of the Board. See Announcement.

Videos: 23 Youtube/Numberphile videos with Brady Haran (10.3 million views),  About 23 other videos and slides of talks

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"A Handbook of Integer Sequences" Fifty Years Later

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